About our organization

Friends for Our Riverfront, formed in 2003, is a nonprofit citizen group dedicated to the wise use of our riverfront resources for the enhancement of our community.

Our goal is to promote improvement of the public space along the riverfront to its full potential as a green space for public enjoyment, preserving its historic, natural, and aesthetic character, and to support a clean and vibrant harbor.

Our Board of Directors

Virginia McLean, President
John Gary, Vice President
Renee Lartigue, Secretary
Susan Caldwell, Treasurer
Jeanne Arthur
Heathie Colvett
Lynda Ireland
Judith Johnson
Hite McLean
Don Richardson
Lisa Snowden
June West
Sue A. Williams
Jack Tucker (1939-2009), Founder Emeritus

Contact Information

Friends for Our Riverfront, Inc.
P.O. Box 111387
Memphis, TN 38111
E-mail: info@friendsforourriverfront.org

On the riverfront, some board members and supporters. From the left: Don Richardson, Sue A. Williams, Michael Cromer, Renee Lartigue, Patricia Merrill, Jeanne Arthur, Hite McLean, Lynda Ireland, Susan Caldwell, Virginia McLean, Lisa Snowden, Bert Merrill, Heathie Colvett, John Gary.

Some snapshots:

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